I've not been able to put it down. It's definately the best period book I've read. Congratulations on an excellent book,

Ian Harrison - UK

What a fantastic book! I cannot begin to grasp how much time and dedication this must have taken. I thought I was a bit of a crazed Suzuki fan but it appears that you must take the cake. Well done on an incredible piece of work and many thanks. I really did enjoy reading it and plan to do so again very soon.

Stefan Frahm - Australia

I know I feature in the book but it has served me well on several ocassions as a memory jogger when faced with those technical questions and on being able to produce a correct answer. I have won a few beers due to the accuracy. Thanks Ray.

Graeme Crosby - NZ

The book is great and it's really a pleasure to read....such smell of two-stroke comes out from its pages sending me back to the old memories... thank you and congratulations !!

Vinicio Staderini - Italy (70s Suzuki 500 pilot)

Ray, great job! You have to have a lot of passion to take the time out of your life to complete something of this magnitude. I own the 1980 XR34M2 from Mamola, the 1980 XR69 from Graeme Crosby and the 1976 XR11 from Barry Sheene, all came out of the Peter Agg museum.

Michael Iannuccilli - USA

A fabulous book and a bible for any real Suzuki enthusiast.

Steve Wheatman - UK

Definitively the standard in Suzuki racing history. Complete in every aspects.

Bernard Girardot-Miglierina - France

The best motorcycling book ever published in my opinion. Bought it when it came out the first time. Foolishly loaned it to someone...NEVER HAD IT RETURNED. So glad it's available again...About time we had a sequal Mr B.

Phil Steele - UK

Thank you for your excellent and very informative book. Now I can't wait for part II, the RGV years and the (so far) unsuccesful GSV effort.

Olivier Rossi - Taiwan

The ONLY Suzuki book you will ever need!!!

Jim Redmond - Essex, UK

This is a man who knows his business. If you have any serious pretentions to understanding and know this subject you will buy and read this book. The author is a master!

David Downton - Northants, UK

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